Chip's Church of the 'Holy Point-Spread'

Today's word...FAITH! “Betting the Mouse”

This is the Legend of the Famous 'A' Play

The most incredible handicapper in the World today

He talks a great deal and brags indeed-y

of Amazing Winners provided for the needy...

The betting world was dark and dreary

But a brash young winner was to help the weary...

This dashing young man had burst on the scene

and was raining down winners that seem obscene

A truly notable man to revere and see

become a Champion in a tinted industry

He's a man of his word and without a doubt

Will make you a 'winner' with plenty of clout!

So, Be an 'A' Play winner!

“Because...When Chip says a mouse can outrun a horse,
Don’t ask how; put your money where your mouse is”!

Don't bet against will cost you!

The 'A' Play- Chip Chirimbes

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The 'A' Play

Paul 'Chip' Chirimbes

The 'A' Play came about as I was teaching in Stamford, CT. about 30-miles from Yankees Stadium. Anyway my 'betting' partner Lou Pucci used to call and say, 'okay, what's The 'A' Play. in reference to 'our' strongest opinion. We started a 'live' Cable show in New York City called the A Play and were a 'Documented 12-2 with our aptly named A Plays. Soon to call was Inside Sports with Pete Axthlem and then CBS Evening News and Dan Rather. The following season as 'our' printed newsletter which we sold season only subscriptions for $500 was 'Guarauteed' to 'Profit' or you MONEY BACK!...the result was 16 wins and only five losses over 14 weeks! 

Chip Chirimbes, the Las Vegas Hilton Handicapping Champion, has been a mainstay in the Sports Handicapping Television and Radio industry since 1978. Chip has many 'First' that highlight his career in with national media acclaim for his accomplishments including his cutting edge' knowledge of sports along with his reputation of 'Honesty and Integrity' that preceded him. Here are some of his work and successes.

Chip was featured with Dan Rather on the CBS Evening News after he created the first of its kind ‘live’ sports handicapping television show The A-Play Sports Handicapping Show from New York City in 1978. Viewers were encouraged to ‘call-in’ and interact with Chip and his special guest handicappers. They would state their positions on the legal aspects of the show as well as key NFL match-ups.

Paul ‘Chip’ Chirimbes appeared ’live’ every Friday for CNN/fn with over 300 appearances from 1995-2001 as Las Vegas’ expert voice on weekend 'Money' events. He also handled viewer questions and gave his expert analysis. Chip is known as the 'Big Play Handicapper, earning that name by his ability to consistently win his STRONGEST opinions!

Chip who served in the US Army during the Vietnam War has hosted and produced a number of successful Radio and Television programs since 1982, including ‘live’ shows from the Las Vegas Hilton, Stardust, Sunset Station, Bally’s, MGM, Imperial Palace and Palms Hotel. Chip has appeared as an expert analyst on Yahoo's "Ahead of the Game" The Nation's first 'live' streaming interactive shows on the web!

Chip was the stalwart anchor from September 1987-December 2006 on USA’s Proline. As one of the foremost experts in sports, Chip has been quoted in many national publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Sports Illustrated Weekly, LA Times, LV Review Journal, LV Sun, Gambling Times and countless others.

Chip is a New York University graduate with a Masters Degree in Heath Science and was educated at the University of Kyoto in Japan, Uppsala University in Sweden and Copenhagen University in Denmark. A high school teacher, he was a head Baseball and assistant football coach as well as a certified NCAA Basketball official. After eight years of teaching and coaching, Chipper created his professional sports service called The A-Play.

Here's what the Nation's media has had to say about Chip Chirimbes:

Dan Rather, CBS Evening News- 'Sports expert Chip Chirimbes won 73% of his Best Bets and 65% overall in the pro's, putting him at the top among established handicappers.'

CNN/FN-'Sports handicapping is an art and Chipper is a man who understands that art. Now we can know what an expert thinks. (Beverly Schuch)

New York Times- “Chipper Chirimbes is 'The Handicapper' who provides winning insights into major sporting events...

Wall Street Journal- “...the most professional handicapper in Las Vegas who’s most confident picks are labeled 'Blue Chip' specials.

Fox Sports Network- ‘Chip Chirimbes is one of the Nation’s leading football handicappers year-in & year-out he’s the ‘most consistent’ of the respected Vegas Players.

Gambling Times- Called Chip Chirimbes…“a class act and a true professional whose reputation for honesty and integrity precedes him...Len Miller

Show Business Magazine- "Chip Chirimbes blends his gambling intuition with a thorough knowledge of sports, the result is the most informative sports show on television.”